WinShape: More Than a Job

by Sarah Beth McCloud

For Buddy, becoming Executive Chef at WinShape Retreat took him from ordinary to extraordinary,

…igniting dreams and aspirations he never thought attainable at the age of 26.

Before coming to WinShape, Buddy worked in the restaurant industry, where he felt limited in his room for growth.

“When I was in the restaurant business, there was no time,” he says. “[At WinShape], I had the time to be invested in.”


But what Buddy found at WinShape was much more than just time; he found people who believed in him and encouraged him to dream beyond what felt possible.

“I never would’ve thought, at the age of 26, I would be an executive chef. I shouldn’t be. What they saw in me were leadership attributes I didn’t know I had.”

Buddy believes WinShape does this for each of its team members, carrying out its legacy and placing it into people so those people can then go and invest it in others.

"I truly believe my dreams and aspirations…were achieved by the strength that WinShape has given me," he says. "I'll continue to dream and continue to be better because I was here. I really thank WinShape for never giving up on me."

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