Marriage Retreats

Retreat with your spouse

Whether you are contemplating marriage, navigating changes along the way or celebrating many years of your journey together, you can recharge your marriage through a balance of Christ-centered programming and unstructured down time where you can get away from the distractions of everyday life through retreats offered by WinShape Marriage.

Make space for each other

Every marriage needs time (and a place) to recharge

WinShape Retreat sets the backdrop for couples to experience meaningful interactions, personal reflection and the renewal that comes with simply slowing down together and focusing on what matters.

Marriage Retreats

We believe the strongest marriages are anchored in intimacy, vulnerability and safety. Our peaceful setting offers a backdrop for experiences that can take your marriage to the next level.

Intensives for Couples

Any marriage can find itself facing difficult - even critical - challenges. WinShape Marriage offers four-day intensive experiences for couples who want to dig deeper into repair, restoration and finding lasting solutions for a troubled marriage.

Customize a Group Retreat

Is your church or organization planning a marriage retreat? WinShape Retreat offers the perfect space to get away, with options to include quality programming to customize your experience.

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