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Sometimes the pace of life can cause couples to lose sight of what brought them together in the first place. A healthy marriage requires the nurture of an ever-deepening bond as each individual navigates life’s inevitable challenges. Whether you’re about to embark on the lifelong journey of marriage or are a seasoned couple looking to strengthen your relationship, WinShape Retreat connects you with opportunities to grow together.

Make space for each other

Your experience with WinShape Marriage will be both challenging and fun.

Some moments are reserved for quiet reflection as a couple, while others are filled with practical teaching from our talented speakers. No matter what brought you here, each program is designed to provide a holistic experience that will bring you and your spouse closer together through adventure, learning and the simple comfort of enjoying one another.

Our Signature Retreats

Romantic Adventure

Leave pressures behind and experience our Romantic Adventure retreat, where you can slow down, develop healthy communication skills, have fun together and forget routine for a couple days. Learn more about yourself and your spouse, while sharpening relationship tools that will help strengthen your marriage.

Courageous Hearts

Embark on a weekend designed to help couples rebuild connection and affection. Our Courageous Hearts retreat helps couples to connect in their marriage through clear communication and healthy ways of resolving conflicts.

Follow Your Heart

Sometimes the most spiritual and inspirational thing you can do for your marriage is to simply relax together. Our Follow Your Heart retreat is self-directed, so you can slip away and enjoy a private respite at The Normandy Inn. You'll receive a devotional notebook containing biblical principles for marriage and suggestions for enjoying the beauty of this pastoral setting.

Prepare to Last

This weekend helps couples considering marriage build a strong foundation for their lives together. During Prepare to Last, you’ll learn about yourselves and gain deep insights into what makes for a healthy relationship and a fulfilling, Christ-centered marriage. All of this takes place in an adventurous, fun-filled environment featuring team building activities, time for personal reflection as a couple, and energetic worship.

Beyond our Dreams

Uncover hope and peace as you navigate life raising a child with special needs. In addition to getting much deserved but oh-so-rare respite from caretaking, this weekend will give you and your spouse strategies and tools to deal with the stressors that challenge the health of your marriage.

Successful Stepfamilies

This weekend is designed specifically for the blended family. The challenges stepfamilies face are unique and complicating. Through our Successful Stepfamilies retreat, couples are guided in successfully blending their families. This weekend retreat is ideal for stepfamily couples, as well as stepgrandparents.

Passionate Intimacy

Learn to develop a greater degree of spiritual, emotional, and physical intimacy through our Passionate Intimacy retreat. Come away with your spouse for the weekend and explore how the God-given gift of intimacy can be a vehicle for taking your marriage to a whole new level of connection.

Keeping the Dream Alive

Keeping the Dream Alive – Passion After Parenting. Whether it's profession or parenting or both, many couples find themselves living parallel lives more than they ever imagined. During this retreat, couples will be encouraged to think about their future, remember forgotten dreams of the past, and blow dust off the dreams that have been set aside.

Sacred Marriage

Discover how reverence for God can result in a greater love for your spouse. In our Sacred Marriage retreat, couples can discover how marriage can be connected to worship and how loving your spouse can come out of reverence for God. Your marriage will be blessed and strengthened as you learn how to overcome selfishness and become more molded into the character of Christ.

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Intensives for Couples

Any marriage can find itself facing difficult - even critical - challenges. WinShape Marriage Intensives are four-day counseling experiences that offer renewed hope and improved skills to couples desiring to heal and restore their marriage.

Customize Your Group Retreat

At WinShape Retreat, we know there are many contributing factors to a healthy marriage. That's why we offer groups the option to customize a program that will best fit their needs.

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