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Sometimes the pace of life can cause couples to lose sight of what brought them together in the first place. A healthy marriage requires the nurture of an ever-deepening bond as you navigate life’s inevitable challenges. Whether you’re about to embark on the lifelong journey of marriage or you are a seasoned couple looking to enrich your bond, WinShape Retreat connects you with opportunities to grow together.

Make Space for Each Other

Your experience with WinShape Marriage will be both challenging and fun.

Some moments are reserved for quiet reflection as a couple; others are filled with practical teaching from our talented speakers. No matter what brought you here, each program is designed to give you a holistic experience which will bring you and your spouse closer together through adventure, learning, and the simple comfort of enjoying one another.

Our Signature Retreats

Romantic Adventure

Leave pressures behind and embark on a Romantic Adventure. Sometimes couples forget that it is okay to take a break from life and focus on each other. During our Romantic Adventure Retreat you are given the opportunity to take time for just the two of you with a weekend that encourages you to slow down, learn healthy communication skills, have fun together and forget routine for a couple days. Learn about yourself and your spouse, as well as, tools that will help strengthen your marriage. Get away for a Romantic Adventure Retreat and enjoy a wonderful mix of teaching, outdoor activities, romance and fun!

Courageous Hearts

Embark on a weekend designed to help couples rebuild connection and affection. The pace and pressures of life place enormous strains on a marriage. Couples often find themselves merely coexisting. They share the same house and split the bills, but that’s about it. Courageous Hearts helps couples rebuild vital connections in their marriage through clear communication and healthy ways of resolving conflicts. Our Courageous Hearts Retreat is designed to restore communication and rekindle affection encouraging you to have a healthy Christian marriage.

Follow Your Heart

Sometimes the most spiritual and inspirational thing you can do is simply relax. We are pleased to offer these unstructured retreats for couples to experience whatever they wish from WinShape Retreat. During these self-directed retreats, you can slip away as a couple to share a private respite at The Normandy Inn. Enjoy the opportunity to sleep in and grab a continental breakfast, private picnics and romantic dinners. Upon arrival, you will receive a devotional notebook containing biblical principles for marriage and the endless possibility of this pastoral setting. Enjoy quiet walks or get away on the bikes that are provided for you during your retreat. All the beauty and hospitality of The Normandy Inn is yours to enjoy.

Prepare to Last

This weekend helps couples considering marriage build a strong foundation for their lives together A program designed to prepare engaged couples and those considering engagement for a successful Christian marriage. You must pass a test before you’re licensed to drive, yet you can get a marriage license for just a few bucks. A successful relationship requires more preparation than an elaborate wedding. During Prepare to Last, you’ll learn about yourselves and gain deep insights into what makes for a healthy relationship and a fulfilling marriage. All of this takes place in an adventurous, fun-filled environment featuring ropes activities, time for personal reflection as a couple, and energetic worship.

Beyond our Dreams

Uncover hope and peace as you navigate life with a child of special needs. The statistics about being successfully married and raising a child with special needs are grim. There is hope, however. Join Brad and Karen Thompson, Founders of The HALI Project, as they speak to you from their heart, expertise, and experience of raising a child with multiple physical and cognitive special needs. In addition to getting much deserved but oh-so-rare respite from caretaking, this weekend will give you and your spouse strategies and tools to deal with the stressors that challenge the health of your marriage. Join other couples in similar situations for this weekend of respite and refreshing.

Successful Stepfamilies

A weekend designed specifically for the blended family Approximately one-third of all weddings in the U.S. create a blended family. In fact, half of all children will have a stepparent at some point in their lifetime. The challenges stepfamilies face are unique and complicating which is one reason up to 60% of blended family couples divorce. Continuing WinShape Retreat’s commitment to provide you relevant and trustworthy marriage programming, we welcome national expert, Ron Deal as he guides stepfamilies as they face incredibly unique and complex challenges and learn to become a blended family. This weekend retreat is ideal for Stepfamily Couples, Empty-nest Remarried Couples, Couples about to enter a Stepfamily and Stepgrandparents.

Passionate Intimacy

Learn to develop a greater degree of spiritual, emotional, and physical intimacy. Come away with your spouse for the weekend and explore how the God given gift of intimacy can be a vehicle for taking your marriage to a whole new level of connection. As a couple, you’ll learn the critical role of emotional and spiritual unity for healthy intimacy, God’s design for the gift of sexuality, and heart-honoring ways to initiate intimacy. Your teachers for the weekend will be Dr. Michael Sytsma and Kristen Smith-Vaniz. Both are accomplished speakers, writers, and counselors with decades of experience helping enrich the personal lives of couples all over the country.

Keeping the Dream Alive

Keeping the Dream Alive – Passion After Parenting. Whether it is profession or parenting or both, many couples find themselves living parallel lives more than they ever imagined. The dreams that stirred their hearts in the early days too often are replaced with the obligations and expectations of adult life. During this retreat, couples will be encouraged to think about their future, remember forgotten dreams of the past, and blow dust off the dreams that have been set aside. Join Curt and Rhonda Hamner as they help you rediscover your dreams, sort and sift them, and then coach you through a planning tool to launch and fulfill them. The Hamners have coached, counseled and lead marriage weekends for over twenty-five years. They bring biblical foundations and research-based best practice tools to enrich your private conversations as husband and wife about the years ahead!

Sacred Marriage

Discover how reverence for God can result in a greater love for your spouse What if God designed marriage to make us holy even more than to make us happy? Have you ever considered this possibility? Join Gary and Lisa Thomas as they help you discover how marriage can be connected to worship and how loving our spouse can come out of reverence for God. Your marriage will be blessed and strengthened as you learn how to overcome selfishness, become more molded into the character of Christ, and learn to appreciate the very aspects of marriage that you may have once resented. This weekend is unique in providing you a rich theological and historical perspective on marriage that is simultaneously enlightening, practical, and empowering.

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Intensives for Couples

Any marriage can find itself facing difficult, even critical challenges. WinShape Marriage Intensives are four-day counseling experiences offering renewed hope and improved skills to those couples who desire to heal and restore their marriage.

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At WinShape Retreat, we know there are many factors that contribute to a healthy marriage. Our desire is to customize a program that will best fit you or your group’s needs. Talk with us about customizing your retreat.

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